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Five Kleemann jaw crushers process rubble in a recycling centre with washing plant
With the counties Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex, B.P. Mitchell has a fairly wide catchment area north of London. The various locations with associated transport fleets are also correspondingly large. In the recycling centre west of Hertford, rubble is prepared for the stationary washing plant by five MC 110 R EVO jaw crushers from Kleemann.
In minute intervals the red dump trucks reach and leave the recycling centre on the B195 to the north of London. Residual construction materials are prepared here for reuse which, in the densely built-up areas, would not always be possible. Most of the pre-crushed material, which has a conspicuously high share of red brick typically used in English buildings, is additionally processed in a washing plant. This increases the resale value of the material many times over. Prior to this, several Mobicat MC 110 R EVO jaw crushers crush the rubble down to a size of 0-40 mm, which, in part, is then prescreened with a Mobiscreen MS 15 Z.
The decision in favour of jaw crushers was not made coincidentally. It would hardly be possible to carry out precisely the required various fractions with an impact crusher because it would easily reduce the relative soft brick material to dust. The Mobicat MC 110 R EVO thus offers convenient gap setting via a touch panel to permit fast adaptation of the application to the feed size required by the washing plant.
What impressed B.P. Mitchell most of all about the Kleemann crushers was both the high production output as well as the low noise level and efficient consumption due to the innovative drive concept with crusher direct drive and electric drives of the other components. This provides enormous power reserves combined with ideal consumption values.
"We first looked at Kleemann crushers in 2013 [...] - since then we haven’t looked back and we now run a fleet of five Kleemann crushers"
Richard Salmons, Recycling centre foreman
Location: Recycling material: Feed size:
Final grain size Company:
London, UK rubble
0 - 40 mm
B.P. Mitchell Ltd. July/August 2019 - Issue 57
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