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The Importance of Qualified and Competent Operators on a Waste Site
As with all waste sites operating under an Environmental Agency (EA) permit, there are 2 key factors to consider: Is your site run by a technically competent manager? Are the operatives on your site experienced to work on a waste site?
The answer must be yes! Each waste management site operates in its own way with its own permit however, they all run under the same rules and if not controlled effectively, accidents could occur.
Recent figures from the HSE show that the waste sector is increasing in ill-health impacts and workplace accidents, but could this be better monitored and reduced with more of the correctly trained personnel on site?
This is where the newest qualification to our
offering comes into action: the WAMITAB Level 2 Certificate for • Choose your training methods
Sustainable Waste Management Operatives.
The Sustainable Waste Management qualification is ideal for people seeking entry into the waste and resource management industry or those working in the industry that require evidence of their competence.
This qualification can be tailored to meet the requirements of specific jobs roles both within the sector or within the organisation and helps to support the sector to overcome significant skills gaps that have been raised over the recent years.
Operators on site must have the knowledge to accept, validate, handle and load different types of waste whilst managing the equipment correctly to ensure maximum safety and efficiency. The level 2 qualification will ensure that this is communicated and delivered including units covering aspects such as working with others and health, safety and emergency procedures within the industry to equip learners with the knowledge required to work effectively within the role and be aware of key information associated to the industry.
The correct knowledge combined with experience and effective thinking on site can promote good health and safety but there is still more to think about...
Risk Assessments and Scheduled Maintenance
Employers on any waste site should install a preventative maintenance plan through informative risk assessments and scheduled planned maintenance. This will ensure that the equipment is safe to use and reduces the risk of a costly breakdown or a major accident occuring. Businesses should also have a procedure in place that allows workers to report any damages or faults so that a systematic log can be monitored, and the businesses then have evidence of any maintenance work carried out.
Correct and Appropriate Training
Every employer has a legal duty to ensure their employees are adequately trained for the work activity they undertake. There are significant steps to take defined by the HSE that ensure employers know the process:
• Ensure delivery takes place
• Evaluate that the training is effective
• Put a system in place for refresher training
The training delivered must be applicable to the job that the employee is carrying out that sits alongside a qualification they may be completing along with a range of health and safety training such as Manual Handling, First Aid and Fire Training.
Levels of risk on Site
The EA classifies all waste under a waste risk tier table with all facilities falling under one of the following categories; low, medium or high risk. Low risk sites typically include electronic waste storage, inert physical treatment of waste and the use of waste in construction and high-risk sites include open and closed landfill sites, hazardous clinical waste treatment and the recovery of hazardous waste.
The waste risk tier table, which can be found on the WAMITAB website, will allow you to see what qualification is needed for the operational environmental of your site or business and allow you to have the right competence on site. One site may run with a number of operatives under the general Waste Management course whereas others may be dependent on specific training that is only applicable under the remit of their site. It is not correct to presume that a general waste qualification will be enough to cover the remits of your site.
Mentor and our waste business, Serac UK can provide a range of waste qualifications and we are keen to promote and support the correct safety elements in the waste sector through effective and accredited training and assessments.
For further information and support or for guidance on booking a qualification, get in touch with us today – 01246 386900. March 2019 - Issue 55
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