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CRJ Services Supply New Haas Wood
Recycling Plant to Mill Farm Recycling Ltd
Mill Farm Recycling Ltd is a family run business with roots in the agricultural industry. In 2004 the company diversified and started a small, on farm, composting site, with the sole aim of producing compost as a fertiliser to use in their own organic farming system. In 2010, further diversification saw them enter the biomass industry, supplying their local power station with fuel.
Since then, Mill Farm Recycling have started supplying other biomass customers who have more specific fuel requirements. They now produce various grades of biomass fuel, depending on customer and seasonal demand.
Mill Farm Recycling required a new static wood recycling plant, capable of producing consistent wood chip products, at a high specification with flexibility to process other products. They already operated a pre-shredder, which shreds the raw feed stock down to be further processed through the plant. Therefore, the new plant had to take this pre-shredded material, shed it down to -55mm, remove all metallic content and then screen the material into various fractions.
The new static plant needed to be proven, robust, flexible and able to consistently process 35 tonnes per hour to meet the ever-changing demands of their clients. To future proof the plant, they also required the ability to easily change the gradings of the fractions, by exchanging the size of the hammermill basket, and screening decks.
Mill Farm Recycling, a long-standing customer of CRJ Services, made an approach for a solution to their new plant requirements. CRJ representatives met with Mill Farm Recycling to discuss in-depth, their challenges and requirements for the project, in order to best propose a tailormade solution.
As the exclusive UK dealer for HAAS Recycling, a German manufacturer of recycling machinery, CRJ collaborated with HAAS to design a solution for Mill Farm Recycling. Following several meetings between the three parties, visits to reference plants in Belfast and Germany, a plan was developed, and plant drawings and specifications agreed.
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