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A purpose-built building was erected to house the new processing plant, protecting the equipment and end products from the elements. Mill Farm Recycling supplied a large exterior 30m3 hopper which received the pre-shred down material to be further processed by the HAAS plant thereafter.
The material leaves the hopper and travels under an inline magnet, which removes any larger pieces of metal from the stream. The remaining material is fed into the building where it enters a HAAS Star Screen, which separates the sub-fraction material from the oversize, allowing it to bypass the Hammermill. The oversized material then enters the HAAS HSV 1600 Hammermill, fitted with 50mm baskets, to be further shredded. The Hammermill is equipped with a ballistic chute, which automatically expels any foreign objects which cannot be shredded, thereby protecting the Hammermill.
All material is then fed onto a Wagner Eddy Current Separator which removes both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from the product stream. The removed ferrous and non-ferrous material is conveyed outside the building.
The clean wood material is then fed across a HAAS HPS 125 – 3 deck oscillating screen which splits the material into 4 fractions. The bottom deck screens out the fine material, the 2nd screen removes the lower mid-sized product, and the third screen layer removes the upper mid-sized material. Any oversize material is then circulated back to the beginning of the plant to be reprocessed.
The final products are then transported via chain conveyors over to the adjacent side of the building and dispensed into the product bays. These conveyors can be electrically controlled to determine which product bay to fill. There are two control panels, one in the control cabinet, and another in the processing building, allowing Mill Farm Recycling to view the plant when adjusting settings.
The system comes equipped with a dust extraction system, fitted throughout the plant. This extracts dust at critical areas and has a dust filtration system which is situated outside of the building.
Six metre double-stacked
Eddy Current Separator
Module supplied to St.
Margarets Recycling for
complete metal recovery
Eriez Europe has provided a one-stop custom solution to St. Margarets Metal Recycling and Transfer Centre Ltd. to resolve a metal recovery problem within their scrapping process. Eriez designed and manufactured a dual-pass Eddy Current Separator (ECS) module that will allow for optimum separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
St. Margarets is a large recycling centre with a metals division, specialising in the buying and selling of scrap metals, including high carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, copper, lead and zinc. They approached Eriez with the requirement to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals from automotive shredder residue (ASR) to increase the purity of their end product and command the highest possible resale value. Given Eriez’ vast knowledge of metal separation and decades of experience in the recycling industry, a custom solution was recommended. The ECS supplied is one of the largest Eriez have ever supplied at six metres high with a vibratory feeder, magnetic drum separator and two 1.5 metres wide ECS.
The vibratory feeder ensures an even, the mono-layer spread of material to maximise efficiency and improve separation before it is fed into the permanent magnetic drum separator. Here the larger pieces of ferrous metals are recovered before the material passes through the conveyors on the ECS separating the valuable non-ferrous metals from the ASR. A dual- pass process where the material passes through a second ECS optimises metal recovery, providing a clean, high-quality end-product.
The unit has been despatched to Dublin and is awaiting installation in St. Margarets Recycling Centre.
Bryan McDonnell of St. Margarets commented, “The Eddy Current Separator supplied by Eriez Europe will ensure a vast improvement to our recycling process, improving the product purity and resale value of the metals recovered.”
Eriez has a proven track record of providing valuable metal separation solutions to the recycling industry. For further information, contact Eriez on +44(029 2086 8501 or email July/August 2019 - Issue 57
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