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Goldstar have chosen to have their 830E’s fitted with the K14 ULM boom configuration which provided a total 17m reach to the arm pin. With an impressive 800l orange peel grab also fitted – the capacity and working range of these machines is perfectly suited to their March site.
Sennebogen 835E material handler:
In contrast the fourth machine at the March operation is an 835E wheeled material handler. Again, fitted with an orange peel grab its main duties are stockpiling and feeding the shear.
As part of the new generation machines the E series is a new generation of fuel-saving, environmentally friendly machines for demanding continuous use in material handling. Green Efficiency is the buzz word, good for the environment and easy on the wallet. The machine concept of the E-series impresses with its diverse range of equipment, maximum comfort for the operator and optimised technology. The Green Efficiency models combine the established high performance with low consumption, optimal operating comfort and maximum safety aspects for both man and machine.
Certainly, working hard in scrap recycling first impressions are consistently positive. The machine gets the job done quicker and its elegant to drive.
The 830E offers a comprehensive package of safety features for the driver and other workers in the vicinity. High-tech cameras at the rear and sides keep the driver fully aware of his surroundings. LED headlights provide clear illumination in the dark, and the sliding door with step and handrail, featured as standard, ensure safe and accident-free access to the machine.
Goldstar have selected a B18 banana boom configuration on their 835E’s that give a maximum working range of 18m to the arm pin. With all their 835E’s also fitted with a 1000l orange peel grab, these machines have an impressive volume handling capability.
Goldstar run an additional two 835E’s at their site in Kings Lynn that load ships. These units have been fitted with Sennebogen’s E300 maXcab that is both high-res and forward extending to allow operators to have clear visibility into the ship being loaded. The cab rises to a maximum viewing height of 5.9m, with an additional 2.6m of forward extension to enable more efficient loading times and maximum capacity to be reached on each load.
These Sennebogen’s are already proving to be highly efficient machines and assets for an expanding company like Goldstar; a positive
investment and confidence in the Molson team who can back up the machines when called to do so. July/August 2019 - Issue 57
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