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Middleton Engineering
streamline waste processing
for Merthyr Tydfil Council
Based in Meare near Glastonbury, Middleton Engineering design, manufacture and commission innovative bespoke waste processing solutions.
Recently the company has completed a project for Merthyr Tydfil Council to design and supply a sorting system for separating kerbside collected household recyclables which incorporated a SCAPA ME2R80F Twin-Ram Baler.
With over 40 years experience Middleton Engineering has established themselves as a major supplying force within the waste recycling industry, both nationally and worldwide.
John James – Recycling Centre Manager describes the operation, “We are the only waste processing centre in Merthyr Tydfil and handle 6,600 tonnes/annum. We have eleven trucks, out three times a day collecting household waste from the kerbside including mixed cans and plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, food, small electrical items which are all segregated on the truck with the only exception being the cans and plastic.
It’s a busy operation with trucks coming onto site, weighing in and initially unloading the food waste, cardboard, paper, glass, textiles and electrical items that do not go through the Middleton system.
Trucks then reverse into the unloading bay and discharge their remaining load of cans and plastics onto the on-floor conveyor.
The sorting system:
The inclined chain feed conveyor then transfers the material onto a one metre wide slider bed conveyor where any undesirable material can be picked off and disposed of down an adjacent chute.
Material then passes under the first overband magnet where it separates the ferrous materials depositing these items in the bay below. Remaining material then passes over an Eddy Current Separator where the non- ferrous is separated from the plastic which drops through a bottle perforator (used to help in the baling process) where the jaws perforate the plastic removing the air out of it. Aluminium is then flipped into the last bay.
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