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DUO & Terex Washing Systems host a successful open event featuring the world premiere of the new Terex Washing Systems AggWashTM 300 at the NRS Aggregates Woodcote Wood Quarry
DUO Equipment and Terex Washing Systems (TWS) have recently held a successful two-day event at Woodcote Wood Quarry near Telford which is owned and operated by the NRS Group.
Attended by over 200 key people from several industries the event showcased the DUO Equipment Portfolio with the new NRS - TWS Wash Plant taking centre stage.
NRS – The story so far:
NRS have invested in a total of four wash plants with the Woodcote operation the latest to come on stream. All have been supplied by DUO Equipment.
NRS was formed in 2005 by MD, Mark Ketcher when they operated a small fleet of tippers and plant. This soon expanded from haulage to the operation of inert landfills. In 2011 the company had the opportunity to purchase Saredon Quarry and today NRS operate some of the largest inert tipping facilities and quarrying and recycling aggregate
production operations in the midlands employing over 70 staff.
The fourth DUO washing plant:
Mark Ketcher – MD of NRS, commented, “This is our fourth plant from DUO Equipment, and we have one more that isn’t commissioned yet at Meriden. All are different plants with each one more technically advanced than the last. We tendered for this site against a number of major companies and the owner was very impressed with our operation and we won the site. In total it is a £4.5 million investment; we did the civils and used our concrete trucks and aggregate from our other sites. There was an initial issue with flooding but that has now been resolved. It is an extensive site and by the time we get to the top we should have excavated to a depth of 50 metres.”
Woodcote Wood Quarry:
Originally a commercial forest the 130-acre site has a reserve of two million tonnes of very soft sand heavy material lying in benches with layers of rock sand. It is projected to process up to 200,000 tonnes/annum.
Alex Moss – CEO for DUO, commented, “The material has to be very carefully and consistently processed with limitations on top and bottom size of sand for specific markets. The tolerances are very tight at -1.0mm of 100% and the bottom end of the grading its 0.5mm of 1% on the silt and has to be consistently maintained.”
Tim Hall – Consultant to NRS, added, “When we first looked at the plant for Woodcote, we considered several companies and after consideration we chose the DUO plant which we now have. We liked it because it’s a compact plant that produces the right products in the right quantity at the right time. The overall project was completed within the time frame we expected, to the quality we expected. DUO have provided all the back-up and support that was needed; overall we are very pleased.”
A world first with the AggWash 300:
The award-winning Terex Washing Systems AggWashTM 300 was the world’s first modular scrubbing station to integrate heavy attrition with sizing lightweight contaminants removal, and hydro cyclone-based fines recovery in a single highly portable chassis. AggwashTM is a rapid-install solution with a compact footprint for a wide range of applications within the aggregates, recycling, remediation and mining sectors.
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