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Primarily designed for the processing of construction and demolition waste but equally suited to virgin material applications.
The NRS Woodcote Wood wash plant:
John Bracken – Director of DUO Equipment, describes the plant process, “The Terex Washing Systems AggWashTM 300 is the first of its kind in the world market and incorporates two 16 x 5 screens, 200tph log washer and a 200 tph classification unit, basically the first modular structure of this size. Processing at 300tph it provides two grades of sand, and four aggregates. It incorporates a recirculatory system where any oversize is returned to a TC1000 Cone Crusher via a surge bin with the feed then re-joining the main conveyor where it is delivered onto a 16 x 5 triple-deck rinsing screen.
“This primary screen then feeds a 200tph twin-shaft log washer which incorporates a high-frequency 8 x 4 trash screen removing organics and lights. Material going forward is then delivered to a 16 x 5 triple-deck part rinser which removes any fine sands remaining after the log washer; these are then sent back to the Fines Master 120C sand classification unit. This screen has the capability of producing up to four products and is currently producing three clean products of 10/20/40mm.
“A feature of the process is the inclusion of the AMP plant which receives any overflow from the sand plant and produces a cut on a really fine sand in order to ensure a pure 35-micron + material.
“The plant at Woodcote Wood incorporates a water treatment system which is fed from the AMP ultra fines sand classification unit into the thickener system. This material is then dosed with flocculent to provide a clarified clean water to return into the plant. The material after the thickener is then pumped away to a lagoon.”
The plant is fed by shovel into a 30-tonne feed hopper which was designed and manufactured by DUO Manufacturing and incorporates total access for serviceability.
Plant access:
Access on the Terex Washing Systems AggWashTM 300 is a major design feature with the whole plant incorporating full- width walkway access.
John, added, “A great deal of thought has been put into access on the Terex Washing Systems AggWashTM 300, especially for screen box and log washer access. > July/August 2019 - Issue 57
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