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Bulk Handling
A visual is incorporated into the MillerMate system
time. We’ve invested around £1m in robots alone and in the first year using the robots we were able to produce 4,500 buckets. With the demand for our new couplers we also expect bucket production to rise. With this in mind we carry a huge amount of stock in buckets and couplers and our aim for the UK market is for next day delivery for clients who order before 2pm. We also offer products painted to client’s specifications.
our UK clients this unique service of repair and have a dedicated team who implement this. On the body you see here we are fitting a new tail, two new extended side boards for extra capacity, a full internal reline, half a canopy, canopy deflectors, main body deflectors, line bore, underside tail bolster and a full repaint. We are taking around 10 tonne of scrap steel off this one and replacing it with about 12 tonne of new steel to produce a fully upgraded and enhanced
Lock & unlock the coupler
Off-Highway Truck Body Repair
Whilst walking around the Miller HQ we couldn’t help but notice a CAT 785 dump truck body in for refurbishment. Special Products & Repairs Manager Conor Thompson who heads up this division told us more “We are happy to offer all
product, the process taking around 8 weeks in total. We have found this to be a very popular service for our client base and will extend this further over time.
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The GTX GroundTouch feature means that the bucket has to be placed on the ground to initiate the next attachment process July/August 2019 - Issue 57
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