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 Dry recyclables and light packaging: the sorting
The varying and constantly changing composition of waste materials poses a challenge for designers of sorting plants, which need to deliver consistently high purity rates while managing an increasing degree of complexity. STADLER, a leading supplier of sorting plants for the recycling industry, has the broad wealth of experience and know-how to develop high-performance facilities with the best plant concept for each type of material that will meet the specific requirements of every individual customer.
The recycling and waste disposal sector is in constant evolution, with an increasing degree of complexity and growing volumes. New regulations, policies and targets have been introduced across the world to address the global waste issue. Different countries have adopted varying approaches to collecting and separating dry mixed recyclables and light packaging as they strive to reduce the quantity of materials going to landfill. The composition and density of this waste is also constantly changing, with an increasing proportion of films and plastic trays. At the same time, the recycling industry is demanding high purity levels of the sorted fractions so that their recycled end-products can compete with virgin materials on the market. These factors are driving a demand for sorting plants capable of processing multiple materials flexibly while delivering consistently high purity rates. Sept-Oct 21 - Issue 70
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