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  Changes to Small Metal Recycling and End-of-Life Vehicle Sites
Currently, small-scale metal recycling operators can operate under a T9 exemption to recover scrap metal and a U16 exemption to use depolluted end-of-life vehicles for parts. The Environment Agency is proposing to make substantial changes to these two exemptions and will be introducing two new standard rules permits:
• Store and treat up to 5,000 tons of ferrous and non-ferrous metals each year
• Operate a vehicle storage, depollution, and dismantling facility for up to 10 end-of-life vehicles per week
If you cannot operate under these standard rules permits, you may be required to apply for a bespoke environmental permit. The Environment Agency has also joined force with eBay to ensure that all sellers who list used vehicle parts are required to display environmental credentials including an environmental permit to legally break End-of-Life vehicles.
With these changes in mind, we understand that many sites will need to plan ahead. A significant difference between working under an exemption and an environmental permit is the requirement to have a Technical Competent Manager (TCM) onsite for 20% of the operational hours.
Serac UK (part of Mentor Training Solutions) can offer training and support for a range of qualifications under the WAMITAB scheme to provide an Operator Competency Certificate to those who are required to work under the standard rules or bespoke environmental permit. The qualification required is dependent upon the type of waste accepted and processes undertaken on site. There are two pathways to gaining this status:
On-Site Assessment
An on-site assessment route is ideal for those already working in a facility who may be looking to expand their knowledge and become a TCM onsite. In order to complete this method of learning, there needs to be access to a working site with the required resources to enable the assessment phase to be completed within the working environment.
This classroom-based route is better suited for those new to the industry or those who don’t have the site or resources to carry out the on-site assessment route. The course can be tailored to those wishing to specialise in the optional units for Metal Recycling or End-of-Life vehicles.
As we see these changes coming into place, our team will be on hand to provide guidance on the required qualification route for your team to ensure your site is running efficiently and in line with the new guidelines.
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us and arrange a call with one of our expert assessors – 01246 386900.
   For further information contact Sophie Easdon of Mentor Training Solutions on 01246 386900 or email: Sept-Oct 21 - Issue 70
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