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 Waste Recycling feature story
 Sales Director at Blue Machinery Central, Sean McGeary offers his thoughts on the future of electric machines in the industry: “I feel that 2022 will see a significant increase in the demand for electric machines across a wide spectrum of construction related industries as an alternative to traditional diesel hydraulic mobile machines. This is more so for machines where mobility is not the primary function e.g., Material Handlers, Crushing, Shredding & Screening trains. There is a convenience to have the machines with mobile capability, but they typically work on one site without regular movement. The demand will increase due to the change in diesel tax legislation as well as a general change in attitude across the construction associated sectors for decarbonisation and planning for the future”.
Contract Plant Rental have been offering rental solutions on material handlers for a decade, however this is the first time that they have decided to invest in bringing electric material handlers to their fleet. Operations Manager at Contract Plant Renal, Richard Creighton, explains their decision to go electric: “As electric cars become a staple on our roads it’s only natural that all diesel-powered plant will be heading in that direction, its advantages in terms of running costs and operator health benefits make it the obvious choice for a wide and varied number of applications.”
“As custodians of the industry for a relatively short period of time, we owe it to the next generation to look for processes that not only look after our own health but also that of the planet. The waste industry continues to spear head the move from landfill to recycling, the move to electric machines powered by carbon neutral solar and wind power will be a natural progression from its diesel-powered predecessor. Saving money on fuel with the aim of Zero emissions.” Sept-Oct 21 - Issue 70
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