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 Waste Recycling
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   With an operating weight of between 17.5tonnes and 18.5tonnes, SunSkips took the Sennebogen 817E that has an 8m reach rather than the maximum of 9m available. The 817E boasts a hydraulically elevating cab as standard and with its 2.4m maximum elevation, the machine offers perfect viewing into the site loading bins, improving operational efficiency and safety for operator and yard staff.
Operator comfort in the cab is second to none with the 817E offering superb sound insulation, its all-round glazing offering superb visibility and joystick control making the machine simple to operate.
It is powered by an extremely fuel-efficient water cooled FPT NEF 45 Tier IV turbo-charged direct injection engine that offers 92kW of power at 2,200rpm. The engine itself is located on the side of the machine, offering easy access for any maintenance issues.
SunSkips Managing Director, Matt Stewart, has been delighted with the performance of the 817E since it arrived at its Stowmarket base and has no regrets about taking on a Sennebogen handler.
Stewart said, “We saw lots of Sennebogen machines being sold into the market are familiar with the advantages they offer. We had heard nothing but great feedback from operators with experience in using them as we have developed the business, so capacity and material turnover has doubled. We
were looking for a reliable machine that would help increase our operational efficiency, the Sennebogen 817E does that.”
SunSkips has taken the Sennebogen on a full-service contract which offers the certainty of fixed costs, coupled with the excellent post-sales support that Molson Green offers - and all with no nasty financial surprises.
Brian said, “Helping support rapidly expanding and ambitious companies, such as SunSkips, is part of the reason we are in business. At Molson Green we believe in working with customers and using our combined expertise to provide the ideal solutions. I am really pleased that we have been able to help the SunSkips team as they develop the business.” Sept-Oct 21 - Issue 70
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