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Washing & Screening
 Wash Recycling – from
Feeder to Filter Press
When a Swiss customer needed an end-to-end excavation wash recycling system, Terex Washing Systems and their Dealer, Avesco, answered the call.
With thousands of tonnes of Construction and Demolition (C&D) and excavation waste being stockpiled each year, a system that can recycle this waste into a saleable product, has environmental as well as financial benefits to aggregates producers is exactly the solution Albin Borer AG, a Swiss Group in Construction, infrastructure and material treatment had been seeking when they began to investigate a way to recycle the waste they were sending to landfill.
Terex Washing Systems were tasked with finding a solution to this problem for this customer, which resulted in the design, manufacture and installation of a complete end to end excavation wash recycling system. Everything from the feeder to the filterpress was included in this installation, which manages to achieve throughputs of 250 tonnes per hour of C&D and excavation waste and producing 9 saleable products. The close working relationship between Albin Borer AG, our Dealer, Avesco and Terex Washing Systems, along with a high level of aftersales support has resulted in this unique project being commissioned successfully. March/April - Issue 79
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