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Washing & Screening
Family Business
Albin Borer AG is an independent family-owned company, that has been in business since 1932. They are a strong, future-oriented business that provide high quality products for infrastructure, roads and they concentrate their strengths on a wide range of services in the construction industry. From their locations in Erschwil, Laufen, Bolligen and Basel, they operate in the cantons of Solothurn, Aargau, Bern, Jura and Basel. Many members of the family are still very active in the company and are very much part of the innovative advancements they have made over the decades.
Albin Borer AG wanted to start to process their own waste material, that was accumulating from infrastructure work that was happening in the region. Ultimately, they wanted to generate a saleable product and open up a new revenue stream for the business. One major part of the overall plant design was based around high capacity on a small footprint, due to site space restrictions. In addition there was also not a lot of water available on the site, coupled with environmental legislation around water use, which demanded additional design expertise on Terex Washing Systems for the final solution. This state-of-the-art washing solution was achieved by the innovation team of applications and engineers at Terex Washing Systems in partnership with our dealer, Avesco, who designed this bespoke solution suited to their specific needs. This is a full ‘Feeder to Filterpress’ solution also incorporating crushing capability from our Terex Group Company, Terex MPS, as well as Terex Washing Systems AquaClear, full water treatment solution, incorporating a Terex designed and manufactured Filterpress, with the capability of processing 250tph of feed material, with the ability of processing 25 tons of sludge/final waste per hour.
From Feeder to Filterpress - The DORO site, in DIttingen, Switzerland, an installation of the Albin Borer AG
This installation is testament to the expertise within the team at Terex Washing Systems in conjunction with our Dealer in Switzerland, Avesco, have installed many wash plants in Switzerland. Right from the start of the process Terex Washing System worked extremely closely with Avesco and the customer Albin Borer AG to acquire their specific solution. The in-house applications team worked with the customer and dealer to carry out extensive laboratory testing to determine the material to be processed. From here the dedicated bespoke project engineering team designed a full the plant and solution to their needs, which was completely project managed by Terex Washing Systems and Avesco for the complete delivery install and commissioning of the plant.
And it doesn’t stop there, as Terex Washing Systems and Avesco continue to provide 24/7 aftercare support as and when it may be required.
C&D and Excavation Waste
The Terex Washing Systems plant features all Terex designed and manufactured equipment for the key stages in the Wash Recycling process. The plant combines the process of Material Feeding, Rinsing, Crushing, Aggregate Scrubbing & Sizing and Sand Production all coupled with a full Terex Washing Systems AquaClear water treatment offering, ensuring that 95% of the water is recycled and reused within the wash plant. All of this is achieved on a relatively compact footprint, due to limited site space, made possible with unique and innovative design choices.
The feed material is made up of excavation from Albin Borer AG other businesses. An AggreScalp 125 receives feed material from
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