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Washing & Screening
      The sludge that has been collected at the bottom of the deep cone thickener is pumped into a buffer tank, where it is stored until enough volume is gathered. At this point it is transferred into a filterpress. The Filterpress on this Albin Borer site is the Terex Washing Systems 165 plate press, with a plate size of 2m x 2 m. The function of the press is to recover the last remaining water within the thickened sludge.
The Filterpress has a working pressure of 16 bar (232 psi). Each plate is covered in a nylon filter cloth, which when filled
with sludge under pressure, forces the remaining water to be removed from the sludge. This water is then recycled back into the wash plant to be used for washing aggregates and sand once again.
After the water has been removed from the sludge, bomb doors below the filterpress open and the hydraulic ram begins to decompress. The slurry cakes are then rapidly discharged into the bay below the filterpress. Particularly sticky cakes are removed with a pneumatic plate shaker that ensures all the plates are ready for the next cycle. The cakes below can then be re-used for several applications, such as lining for ponds.
Albin Borer AG opted for an automatic cloth wash system on their Filterpress, so that the lifespan of the filter cloths could be extended while optimum performance is ensured. This system cleans each cloth individually using a high-pressure water jet.
Johnston Patterson, Product & Applications Manager at Terex Washing Systems explained that, “This water management system recycles 95% of the water used for this application. Albin Borer AG only needs a small tank of water to top up the system every so often. This has a hugely positive impact on the environment and has financial benefits.”
The result for Albin Borer is the sustainable production of usable and saleable sand and aggregate product from C&D and excavation waste. This also has the environmental benefit of being diverted from landfill. Additionally, the water management products recycles the dirty water from the process and returns a clean water back to the process again for use.
Johnston Patterson explained that, “the customer is very pleased to have a solution in place to recycle their C&D and excavation waste. The working relationship between Terex Washing Systems, Avesco and Albin Borer AG has played a huge part in achieving a high level of performance for this plant.”
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