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Washing & Screening
 TEMA ISENMANN’s TeePee® and Upright Dewatering Modules offers major increase in water drainage capacity
Modern quarrying conditions are demanding more volume from existing equipment than ever before. Dewatering and rinsing applications are no exception, with many screens often unable to handle the additional demands placed up on them.
By offering increased capacity, reliability and efficiency TEMA ISENMANN’s TeePee® and Upright Dewatering modules provide the solution, meeting the market’s need for additional performance from screening machines installed with modular systems.
Key features include:
• Increaseoftypically60%effectivescreeningareaona300 x 1000mm module.
• Enhancedsurfacewaterdrainagecapacity.
• Compatiblewithmostpopularmodularscreeningsystems.
• Wideselectionofaperturerangeandwebconstruction.
• Standardsizesnormallyfromstock.
TEMA ISENMANN’s TeePee® and Upright Dewatering Modules incorporate injection moulded segments, ensuring repeatable class-leading performance. Computer controlled injection moulding machines maintain optimum conditions throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in consistent aperture sizing in a robust and hard-wearing polyurethane.
The TeePee® modules increase in exposed surface area allows the modules to operate at a higher capacity with the apertures embedded in the vee-shaped ridges over the full length of each panel. In addition to the increased open area and surface area, the raised vee-shaped ridges promote an effective dewatering of moisture. The ridges effectively “crack” the compacted bed with each stroke of the screen, while water released from the interstitial spaces is squeezed against the screening surface, promoting more effective dewatering capabilities.
The structural integrity of the durable vee-shaped peaked design of the TeePee® module has been proven on screens worldwide, with significant deck loadings in dewatering applications in sand and gravel, iron ore, coal and lead zinc. March/April - Issue 79
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