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 Washing & Screening
The advantages of Barrels:
1. The attrition created in a high- speed scrubber barrel means a very clean product can be achieved.
2. The incorporation of a contraflow barrel in certain circumstances can provide helpful options to the overall design of the processing plant.
3. In general, a barrel can handle larger pieces in the feed material compared to a logwasher.
4. High tonnage throughputs can be achieved through a barrel.
The disadvantages of Barrels:
1. Barrels rely on the clays present to dissolve under the influence of the attrition action of the material and the water, some clay especially clays of a plastic nature which cannot dissolve are not suited to a barrel and may ball up into larger clay lumps.
Notable deliveries of Scrubber barrels
1. Wileman have 3 off 33M7 (Uniflow) Scrubber Barrels in the Buxton area processing up to and in some cases beyond 500 Tonnes per hour of limestone scalpings.
2. Wileman have recently supplied a 25M6 uniflow machine to Cemex designed to handle 250 tonnes per hour of sand & gravel.
3. Wileman have recently upgraded a 25M6 uniflow machine into a contraflow to remove fines & water at the feed end of the drum. Feed rate up to 300 TPH.
Other applications used under the Wileman rotary barrel design:
• SteelandSlagRumblershave been beefed up to withstand the extra heavy- duty requirement of metal & slag in a reclamation process.
• RotaryScreensbothlarge& small have been developed up to 20m long & 2.5m in diameter.
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