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Washing & Screening
 Thanks to further collaboration between the RM headquarters in Linz and the screening facility in Dungannon a fully electrified hybrid models are now available, with the MSC8500e leading the way. It is something that has long been a feature of the crushing machines, but the same technology has been incorporated into the screeners, another example of the two sites working closely together for the benefit of customers.
“Efficiency of operation is key but the ability to reduce fuel costs and have a positive environmental impact is crucial. We’ve seen a genuine improvement across both screening ranges and our customers are benefitting from that as well,” finished Paul.
  Models Compared
Screenbox surface
Hopper volume
Oversize belt discharge width Basic machine weight
2743 x1220 mm 3.84m3
1050 mm 17000 kg
3660 x 1430 mm 6m3
1300 mm
24000 kg
4880 x 1525 mm 8.7m3
1600 mm
35000 kg
RM MSC10500-2D
6100 x 1830 mm 8.7m3
1600 mm
43000 kg
RM MSC105003D
6700 x 1525mm 9.2m3
1050mm 35500kg
     Models Compared
Screenbox, screen surface
Feedhopper volume
Main conveyor belt width
Standard weight
RM MSC8500-2D
5485 x 1525mm 9.2m3
1050mm 32000kg
RM MSC8500-3D
5485 x 1525mm 9.2m3
1050mm 34500kg
RM MSC8500e
 5485 x 1525mm
32000/34500kg 33000kg
6700 x 1525mm 9.2m3
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