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Washing Feature Story
   Plant process:
The plant is fed by excavator through the 9.m3 hopper of a mobile Flip Flow Scalping Screen which features a 16 x 5 screen box which is highly efficient while maintaining exceptional throughput productivity. This in turn feeds the primary screen where material is then fed onto the 38m long inclined plant feed conveyor [CV2] with material passing under an overband magnet. This conveyor then feeds material into a 4.9m x 1.5m Double-Deck Rinser which features 8 isolated
spray bars [each with independent ball valve] and a twin grade sand catch box.
Material then passes through the Twin-Shaft Logwasher with the blades conveying the material from the feed end of the scrub to a 3.7 x 1.5m Double-Deck Part Rinsing Screen.
Any organics such as roots are floated off to be dewatered over a 1.8m x 0.6m Trash Screen. Underflow from the trash screen is received in a catch box under the screen and then gravity fed to the sump tank under the hull. Any fines off the back end of the Logwasher are sent to the twin compact sand plant via a sand sump with a horizontal pump.
Scrubbed aggregate then exits the main discharge of the Logwasher onto a 3.7m x 1.5m Double-Deck Sizing Screen which splits the required products of 10mm, 20mm and +20mm aggregate which are then stockpiled by stone conveyors into concrete bays [by NRS]. March/April - Issue 79
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