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  Recycling News
Glazewing invest in a pair of
Liebherr LH 40 material handlers
Rural Norfolk has been home to Glazewing, one of the longest established names in the metal recycling industry, for over half a century.
Whilst their semi-rural location gives an air of calm, the busy operation handles over 70,000 tonnes of material not only from Norfolk and the surrounding counties but also further afield as and when its long list of Blue-Chip clients requires.
Material is delivered to the yard on an almost constant basis to be sorted and graded prior to processing. Large items are either hot-cut or sheared to size prior to being stockpiled. The large stockpile is handled by a single material handler feeding a 1000t LeFort scrap shear with the resulting chopped up material being prepared ready for dispatch to steel makers across the world.
Over their years of trading, Glazewing has used a variety of material handling machines. ‘We have found different levels of service and machine build quality from each manufacturer.’
Said Director Scott Godsiff. Looking to replace its existing material handling fleet, Glazewing entered into talks with Liebherr Great Britain for a pair of 17m reach machines. ‘At the time of our initial enquiry, Liebherr weren’t able to supply a 17m reach handler on the size of chassis we required, however our sales manager, Craig Cherry, made an inquiry to the factory in Germany, and they confirmed that the configuration we required would be possible in the form of an LH 40 material handler.’
The company specifically needed a 17m reach machine in order to fill containers for export. Whilst many scrap metal
processors still load ships with raw material, transporting material in containers costs less and allows smaller
volumes to be shipped as opposed to filling the entire cargo hold of a ship. Many UK yards have invested
in lifters to raise a container vertically with the doors
chained open to allow the material handler to fully fill the box with scrap.
‘We could have taken the easy option and
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