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Martin Engineering introduces Replacement Blades
for Richwood® 1C & 1C-ITC
The global leader in conveyor belt cleaning accessories has introduced a direct retrofit replacement for the Richwood® 1C & 1C-ITC cleaners with superior construction at a lower cost. Martin Engineering is providing operators who use the 1C & 1C-ITC cleaners with a better performing product that lasts two times longer than the original. Engineered to fit existing assemblies and tensioners, operators will experience a seamless transition with a money back guarantee. Along with high-quality construction to improve performance and extend the equipment life, the replacement cleaners lower the cost of operation.
“Some operators prefer a flat tip blade and pressure tensioner configuration of the Richwood,” said Dave Mueller, Conveyor Products Manager at Martin Engineering. “To accommodate this preference, we designed a replacement blade system that
fit existing assemblies but lives up to Martin Engineering’s quality specifications.
Richwood® 1C
replacement primary blade.
Richwood® 1C-ITC replacement secondary
Since we
formulate high-
quality materials for all of
our blades in-house, we adapted
those materials for this blade construction.
This approach improved the overall quality of the replacement blade and lowered the cost of construction, benefits that are passed on to the customer.”
The flat-topped rectangular primary cleaner blade has painted steel side plates and end castings. Mounted beneath the head pulley, the pressure tensioner holds the blade firmly. This positioning offers the proper resistance to put pressure on the belt for clearing adhered material from the surface while reacting to fluctuations in the belt and gliding smoothly over splices. When the top side of the cleaner is worn unevenly or displays a degradation in performance, the blade can be flipped to extend its equipment life.
Primary blades are available in lengths of 24 inches (610 mm) to 72 inches (1829 mm) to accommodate most standard belt widths found in underground and above ground bulk handling applications. With nine dimension options to choose from, blades fit the needs of most standard conveyors.
The secondary blade is positioned behind the primary cleaner to clear adhered dust and fines that may have been missed. Constructed of a metal-tipped blade with painted steel side plates and end castings, it glides smoothly with vertical
variations in the belt. The downward weight of the belt and the upward action of the tensioner provides enough pressure to clean any leftover carryback.
“Customer feedback during testing of our retrofit replacements of the Richwood® 1C & 1C-ITC blades have been positive across the board,” Mueller said.
“Field tests have confirmed our claim that there is less carryback, spillage, and blade wear with a longer equipment life than similar products on the
market, including the original.”
Reduced carryback and improved cleaning mean greater discharged and less spillage along the return path to foul rollers and require additional labor for cleanup. The extra
maintenance, equipment replacement, and labor can raise the cost of operation.
The Richwood® 1C & 1C-ITC replacement cleaners come with a moneyback
guarantee to clean better and last longer. Backed by local service
technicians, the cleaners are available for quick delivery and installation.
“Like our entire cleaner line, we stand by this product’s superior quality and
performance,” Mueller concluded. “Operators now have a viable alternative to cleaner replacements and service for these Richwood® products and will see why Martin leads the industry in conveyor accessories.”
Richwood® is a registered trademark of Richwood Industries, Inc., Huntington, WV. Martin Engineering is not affiliated with or authorized by Richwood Industries
 The Richwood® 1C-ITC secondary placed against a return roller for uniform pressure.
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