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ProStack unveils Ranger 6-27H Tracked
Conveyor at Molson's Open Day
ProStack®, a leading provider of innovative material handling solutions, proudly showcased its latest product, the Ranger 6-27H Tracked Conveyor, at the Molson 2023 Open Day. The event, which took place across three days in June, offered industry professionals a first-hand look at the cutting-edge technology and superior performance of ProStack's newest addition to their conveyor lineup.
  Brian Albiston and Kris McWalte from Molson with Steven Aiken and Lee Nesbitt from ProStack
The ProStack team was present during the Molson Open Day to demonstrate the conveyor's features and answer questions from those in attendance. The feedback received from industry professionals was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the Ranger 6-27H's ease of transport, reliability, and usability.
"We are thrilled to introduce the Ranger 6-27H Tracked Conveyor at Molson's Open Day," said Lee Nesbitt, ProStack's Global Sales Manager. "This cutting-edge conveyor represents our commitment to providing the industry with innovative and
Side View of ProStack Ranger 6-27H
efficient material handling solutions. We believe the Ranger 6- 27H will greatly enhance our customers' operations and contribute to their overall success."
The Ranger 6-27H has been engineered with an extended conveyor for situations that require more reach than is available with other conveyors in the Ranger product line. A conveyor length of 27 m (90 ft) that can rotate allows operators to stockpile approximately 1,735 m3 with the Ranger 6-27H.
After a brief stop at the Molson Open Day, this model continued its journey to Washington, USA, where it will be used in a barge loading application. The conveyor will load the barge before being lifted onto the vessel and travelling to Alaska, where it will be used to unload the barge. This application shows the versatility and manoeuvrability of the Ranger 6-27H.
ProStack Ranger 6-27H on display at the Molson 2023 Open Day
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