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Purity for the Circular
In order to conserve resources, we need to reuse raw materials as often as we can. This requires recycling materials flows that have as high and as consistent a quality as possible. It is only with efficient sorting technology that resources can be continually recycled. The STEINERT XSS T uses X-ray transmission (or XRT for short) to reliably achieve extremely high purity levels when recycling aluminium. EVO 5.0 is the latest evolutionary stage. Several customers explain here why they are so impressed with the equipment.
More and more companies are looking to save resources and expand their use of secondary raw materials. This approach can deliver a significantly lower carbon footprint and improve the security of supply.
STEINERT has long been an important partner to metal recycling firms. Its technology for dry density separation has been successfully established for a number of years now. The systems are based on x-ray transmission and are designed especially for separating heavy and light metals in metal processing. The STEINERT XSS T produces extremely pure
aluminium. The sorting equipment's detection rates are so precise that it can achieve an aluminium purity of 99.8 %.
EVO 5.0, the latest version, has been available since 2021. Since then, noteworthy developments include automatic x-ray monitoring and automatic calibration of the x-ray sensors, as these ensure a consistently high detection and sorting quality without any fluctuations.
Alongside heavy/light metal separation, separating out wrought and cast aluminium is another essential application. This application is particularly important for marketing the secondary raw material.
The enrichment of solid magnesium is also key to the quality of secondary aluminium. Since EVO 5.0 and using what is known as multilayer data evaluation, the system has provided more distinguishing criteria for particularly challenging sorting tasks, such as detecting magnesium.
By separating free magnesium, the recycled aluminium produced can be used much more flexibly for recipes in the smelting furnace.
Numerous stories of success demonstrate the efficiency of the STEINERT XSS T EVO 5.0. > September/October - Issue 82
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