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LIBS for even greater purity
As an extra stage, some of STEINERT's customers use downstream LIBS sorting. Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) can analyse, in real time, the aluminium content and components, such as copper, magnesium or silicon, which determine the type of aluminium alloy. This process allows various alloys to be classified effectively, enabling the product to be used directly in producing industry. Recovery of targeted alloy compositions reduces downcycling.
STEINERT LIBS sorting systems have been widely distributed on the market for a number of years and more will be deployed in 2023. AMAG Austria Metall AG is a pioneer in sorting aluminium alloys and has been using one such system to sort into various aluminium alloy qualities since 2019. AMAG produces high-grade primary, cast and rolled products out of aluminium.
Demand for recycled aluminium is growing all the time. Separating into alloys is both an opportunity and a challenge. By producing pure aluminium alloy qualities from recycled aluminium, the specific reuse can be significantly improved. This is the route to closed material recycling.
AMAG has opted for LIBS technology from Steinert for this very purpose. An STEINERT LSS line sorting system produces up to 6 products in one cycle. September/October - Issue 82
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