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New Channel Press Baler addition to the CK Product Range, CKSR16 - The Bigger, The Baler
Market leading CK International has introduced a new machine into its range, the fully automatic CK Channel Baler, CKSR16. The CKSR16 has a 50-tonne press force and can produce bales of up to 500kg in cardboard.
The waste and recycling market is continuously expanding globally as more countries are putting efforts towards reducing their total environmental impact. Therefore, there is more dependence on producer responsibility and CK International thrive on being experts in satisfying customers’ requirements by continuously developing more efficient, intelligent waste management and compaction solutions. Due to demand within the market, CK International decided to research, design, and manufacture a heavy duty, robust fully automatic channel baler at the headquarters in Dungannon, Northern Ireland
CK International has installed the first CKSR16 for their customer Meade Farm based in County Meath, Ireland. When Meade Farm first approached CK International they were operating on an automatic channel press baler which struggled to meet dense bale weights for their cardboard, only achieving 280kg bales. It was clear that this channel baler was not going to be sufficient to achieve the bale density that they now required. The automatic channel press baler required numerous maintenance call outs. With the increased downtime having a detrimental effect on production and material build up they knew a change was needed. In addition to the baler continually breaking down and affecting production, there was also a huge financial strain to keep fixing the issues. The safety measures in place were also highlighted as needs of improvement for the CKSR16. With the increased importance of workers’ safety within the industry, the customer required a machine that had immaculate safety features.
After analysing the correct model and solution within the engineering and product solution divisions, the CK team worked closely with
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