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 Meade Farm to ensure their requirements were satisfied. Meade Farm had a previous third-party conveyor which was then integrated with the CKSR16 controls to increase safety features onsite and manage the material. The CKSR16 successfully handles a higher throughput for the customer. One of the customer’s key requirements in this project was to have improved throughputs. The throughput of 30T/week has been achieved as promised. Moreover, Meade Farm opted to use the cloud based CK Baler Performance Monitoring system. The customer can now alter the bale dimensions at the push of a button. They also have the capability of viewing the baler’s performance. It allows the plant manager to view how many bales have been processed on a daily, monthly, or annual basis and highlights any downtime in the machine. This data is available on a web browser or mobile phone. In comparison to their previous machine, the CK Channel Baler is 4 times faster in production, allowing the customer to better place staff within the production floor when idle, increasing productivity. Having decreased the customer’s maintenance costs and downtime of their production line, CK have increased bale weights and their return on the cardboard commodity.
Richie Sheehy, Project Manager at Meade Farm commented, “we chose CK International because our last baler was at its end of life costing us a lot of money and CK were the most professional of those we tendered. The main objectives were to increase our cardboard throughput and inevitably our profit on the baled material. I would rate CK very highly with a response rate onsite of 24 hours. We asked for an additional safety feature on the hopper to avoid accidents and this was not an issue, with it being installed within a week of order.”
An old baler can drain money from your business very quickly. This could be due to downtime with unnecessary repairs. A new CK Channel Baler can help with efficient power units that
reduce energy consumption, and a design that has routine maintenance in mind. You can reduce your downtime and energy consumption while increasing your productivity and return on investment.
During the entire life cycle of your baler, CK International provides first-class service with an exceptional technical support, engineering, and aftersales team to assist you with any problems both on-site and remotely. CK International have a remarkable aftersales team with 20 field service engineers responding to customers 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. By sharing knowledge and looking for the best solutions for your unique challenges, CK sets a goal to become your long-term partner for service and maintenance. Look at CK’s extensive baler range on for all your compaction and baling requirements. September/October - Issue 82
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