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 Rockster R1000S delivers optimal closed-circuit crushing for GK Baurestmassen
After renting various mobile crushing plants, GK-Baurestmassen has made a strategic decision at the end of 2021 to invest in the purchase of their own crusher. The choice fell on the tracked mobile impact crusher R1000S from Rockster, an experienced Austrian manufacturer and developer of mobile crushing and screening plants.
GK Baurestmasse GmbH is a merger of the companies Gojer, Kärntner Entsorgungsdienst GmbH and Knafl & Co. Gesellschaft m.b.H. Gojer's historical development dates back to 1965, when Adolf Gojer senior laid the foundations for the company. Originally known as the individual company Gojer, later under the name Gojer, Kärntner Entsorgungsdienst GmbH, the organization established itself as a key player in the field of disposal and recycling. In 2019, the success story expanded with the founding of GK-Baurestmasse GmbH (GK for short) as a subsidiary of Gojer.
Both companies play an essential role in the Austrian waste disposal and recycling landscape. Based in Carinthia, in the southern part of Austria, GK acts as a provider of construction waste landfill, soil excavation landfill and it has its own c&d recycling center. The expertise ranges from processing of various construction waste and excavated soil to the
L-R: Markus Silly (Machine Operator), Oskar Preinig (CEO) and Wolfgang Tischler (Customer Relations) in front of their new R1000S impact crusher
production of quality-assured recycling building materials, supported in this case by Rockster’s flagship, the R1000S closed-circuit impact crusher. The R1000S has proven itself to be a very flexible and powerful all-in-one crushing solution, especially when it comes to high-quality recycling of C&D waste. This enables GK to further emphasize and put into the foreground the sustainable use of resources.
  Efficiency of Rockster R1000S mobile impact crusher in the construction waste centre in Blintendorf, St. Veit/Glan, Austria September/October - Issue 82
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