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Terex Washing Systems facilitates sand and gravel product supply for Cork's concrete sites:
Terex Washing Systems washing plant is helping a third-generation company feed sand and gravel products to concrete sites in Cork, Ireland.
Keohane Readymix’s plant in the Irish county of Cork processes natural sand and gravel deposits. The material, while fairly free-flowing, can get sticky and contain clay or organics like roots.
The feed material is 60:40 sand to gravel, predominantly minus 150mm but can be up to 300-400mm.
Keohane's old wash plant was worn out, and they needed a new installation that could handle their unique requirements.
Terex Washing Systems (TWS) was selected to design the plant and began to analyse a sample of Keohane's as-dug material and used this to propose the plant's design.
Plant overview
The new plant consists of the following equipment: • H30 feed hopper
• Aggresand 206 3D 2S
• Aggrescrub 150
• DCT220 deep cone thickener
• FDU 3000 flocculant dosing unit • Central control cabin
• Stockpiling conveyors
Terex Washing Systems designs and manufactures a range of feeders, from H9 to H30, including static grids available in multiple spacings. The hopper volume of the H30 is 30m3 with an internal breaker bar to relieve the load on the belt. The feeder's heavy-duty 1050mm wide belt is supported by impact rollers and is driven by a direct drive gearbox with variable speed control.
The Aggresand 206 is an integrated sand washing plant with a main conveyor powered by dual 11W electric motor and gearbox combinations, with alignment rollers to keep the belt centred and prevent belt damage. The main conveyor transfers material from the feeder to the main rinsing screen, where it is rinsed and screened on all three decks with polyurethane media, X spraybars, and ball valves. The rolling chute, a popular design feature on the Aggresand 206, splits the aggregates into three products, and a simple flip of the blending plate can blend mid-overs and mid-fines into a single product.
The Ringman controls the water delivery, and the washbox, which briefly contains the feed material while introducing a high volume of water to fluidise the sand and gravel, is key to maximising the rinsing screen’s performance. The high-capacity sealed washbox is supplied with water independently controlled for volume. The Aggresand has been designed with multiple valves that allow the drainage of the complete water system at the end of each day, preventing frost pockets that can cause blockages and damage.
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