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 Quarrying News
   20 x 6 Screen
This rinsing screen is a 20x6 three-deck box. Powered by a single 22kW electric motor, it operates at a fixed angle of 18°, ensuring optimal speed and throw for effective screening across all three decks. The screen is equipped with spraybars on each deck, which have staggered nozzle patterns to ensure efficient rinsing of all material. The spraybars feature individual ball valves that can be shut off as needed, with each spraybar being statically mounted to increase its lifespan and prevent additional weight and stresses on the screenbox.
Polyurethane media is used on all three decks, providing maximum wear life in washing applications. The screen is designed to wash sand through the bottom deck, with three different aggregate sizes being collected at the end of the screen and directed to a rolling chute. The rolling chute can be used to split the aggregate into three products, with oversize material going over the top, mid-overs going over the middle section, and midfines dropping into the closest chute to the screen. Alternatively, the mid-overs and mid-fines can be blended into a single product by flipping a blending plate. The oversize product can also be blended by repositioning the plates at the end of the chute.
The screen's roll-away chute provides access to the discharge end of the screenbox, with a drop-in, lightweight flooring providing a safe platform for inspection and maintenance. Keohane is currently running the screen with 55mm apertures on the top deck, 24mm apertures on the middle deck, and a split of 2mm and 5mm on the first and second sections of the bottom deck to produce two grades of sand. The oversize material is directed to a stockpile at the back, while the mid- overs are discharged to the right. The 5mm-24mm aggregate is transferred via an extended conveyor to the AggreScrub 150. September/October - Issue 82
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