2017 Upgrade Adds Third Arm & Plastics Sorting, and more.

During the past year, the ZenRobotics team has carefully listened to customer needs and wishes. Now the team proudly presents the latest upgrades to the world’s first robotic waste sorting system, ZenRobotics Recycler. In 2017 ZRR comes equipped with new picking capabilities and hardware upgrades that improve the system’s usability.

Earlier in 2016, ZenRobotics made the ZRR trainable. With this upgrade, the robotic recycling system has been trained to sort tens of new waste fractions at customers’ sites and ZenRobotics’ own secret laboratory. Thanks to this, now ZRR can sort plastics by polymer (PP, PE-HD, PET, PVC), C-Wood (impregnated wood), and even certain metals by color or shape.

Now ZRR is available with a third robot arm. More arms equal to more sorted waste. The ZRR3 makes up to 6,000 picks per hour! The first three-armed robot system is set to go into operation in Australia in January 2017.

Additional upgrades to the ZRR improve the overall usability and flexibility of the system. A new gripper design allows picking even heavier objects, while making the gripper easier to maintain at the same time. The user interface has also been taken to the next level, making robot control even smoother than before. Finally, the waste conveyor speed is no longer fixed, but allows adjustment to up to 1 m/s to meet customer requirements.

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