A major solution for tyre management.

Air-Seal Products tyre sealants can prevent up to 95% of all punctures up to ¼ inches (30mm) and stop all rim, bead and other slow air leaks. They are widely used all over the world in HGV’s, loading shovels, dump trucks and other heavy plant and used by many high-profile quarry and mining customers.

Our most popular product our heavy-duty sealant comes in 20 litre pails and will provide a high level of tyre protection and seals punctures up to 15mm. For use in on and off-road applications, heavy-duty can be used in small and large tyres, from commercial vehicles, industrial, agricultural and grounds care equipment.

Air-Seal Products sealants are a major solution for tyre management and have been well proven over the past seventeen years. Our sealants are now fully proven to be an integral part of all good tyre management programmes.

How does it work?
As the tyre rotates, the product spreads evenly over the inside surface of the tyre. Immediately a puncture occurs, the air pressure in the tyre forces millions of fibre particles and fillers suspended in the sealant to interlock to form a plug which prevents any further air loss. This action will be completed within two or three rotations of the wheel. This is a mechanical process not a chemical reaction.

In January 2017, Air-Seal Products launched their new environmentally friendly tyre sealant by using propylene instead of ethylene glycol. It is the same product that has been helping companies save money on puncture costs and downtime for almost two decades.

Air-Seal’s eco-friendly products are based on water washable components with no glues or gums; meaning they are easy to install and quick to remove using water.

John Doyle of Lisheen Mine said, “We’ve been using your product for the past 12 months and we have had great results in prolonging our tyre life in the harshest of underground mining conditions. It is the first time in our mines life where we actually get the full life from some of our fleet of Hilux tyres, our punctures have been reduced by half. We have also used your product in some of our heavy duty underground equipment which has also seen an improvement in tyre life. Tyre life is a critical part of operation and now we have a product that will help to achieve full tyre life and extra productivity due to less down time,”

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