A new approach to shredding: Doppstadt‘s METHOR ensures highest versatility

  • METHOR Multitool: most versatile range of applications in its class
  • Processing of various waste fractions
  • Integrable in Doppstadt‘s mobile-modular plant concepts

Versatility in a new dimension: The METHOR made by Doppstadt Umwelttechnik GmbH (DUG) is the answer to increasing challenges in the recycling industry due to permanently changing materials to be processed. With a contaminant-resistant processing unit, the Multipurpose Recycling System offers the most varied range of applications in its class. From the transverse roller mounting to a simplified feed and discharge system and to the HydraulicDirect Drive system: users in the waste management and recycling industries benefit from the smart machine design with simple construction, maintenance and operation...

“With the METHOR as a universal machine we have come up to our customers’ requirements. Thus it is used in many steps of the recycling processes today. In principle, the METHOR is the Toolbox among our product range,“ says Moritz Müller, DUG Product Manager. The machine is suited for applications with permanently changing materials such as industrial waste, C&D waste, mattrasses, biowaste or waste wood. Both enterprises with small volume flows and users processing special batches profit from the precisely adjustable and efficient performance of the METHOR and from the possibility to adapt the highly contaminant-resistant shredding unit quickly to changing materials as needed.

Whether bag opening, dosing, charging, disintegration, crushing or cutting: The METHOR with its contaminant-resistant processing system offers a very wide range of uses and applications. It handles even special batches easily and economically. The users also profit from various upgrade and combination options. “The METHOR is designed as a modular multitool. Therefore it adapts quickly and easily to new requirements and needs,“ Müller explains.

Flexible Application and Top Quality

The modular design underlines the METHOR’s flexibility. Thanks to the unique roller change, easily operated comb bars and quickly replaceable tools, the machine can be upgraded in a very short time. In this way, the METHOR can be changed to three different tooth sizes within 45 minutes. Depending on the operating conditions, the machine can be mounted on hook-lift frame or crawler track. Furthermore, the customers can choose the processing unit mounted on support legs for stationary use.

Since the METHOR can easily be combined with other Doppstadt Smart Solutions, it offers the users further profitable possibilities to enlarge the range of applications of these solutions. It can for example be used as a part of mobile-modular plant concepts. The Doppstadt plant concept is based on a combination of mobile machines, which are suitable for different applications. They do not take up too much space and need not necessarily be operated in a hall. Compared to stationary plants they offer a price advantage and greatly simplified commissioning. In case of changes to the basic conditions, e. g. new laws, the users can react flexibly and securely

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