A solution for dusty work environments

Dusty work environments such as quarries, landfills and recycling yards can present many health and safety problems. Airborne dust can cause a number of long term health problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), a disease that causes irreparable damage to the lungs and causes constant shortness of breath.

The health problems associated with airborne dust highlight the need for sites to manage it effectively. Dust is extremely difficult to control once it’s in the air and one way to effectively stop dust is to target it on the ground before it has the chance to become an airborne hazard.
Our latest range of dust suppression equipment is the most effective and varied we have ever produced. During our 4 decades of studying this technology we have developed individually designed machinery and adapted standard equipment to provide bespoke suppression.

With dust at work being one of the largest issues, we have been actively engaging with our clients and working alongside our suppliers to enlarge the range of dust-limitation machinery available. Environmental responsibility, particularly in the control of water usage, remains a significant component in the process of developing new products. For simple dust suppression, we offer a tractor and tanker combination. All of Ace plant’s dust-suppression units are fitted with safe hydraulic vacuum pumps. This pressure-fed unit is fitted with a splash plate, making it particularly suitable for dampening down residual dust on haul roads etc.

For situations where water consumption is an issue, we have developed a hydraulically driven carbon fibre spinning disc assembly. Using less water than pressurised systems, the spinning disc makes water usage more efficient, and gives the operator greater control. This is particularly relevant when site water usage is metered and alleviates the need for frequent tank refills. When a more targeted solution is required, our rain gun could be the answer. It is powered by a high-capacity hydraulic centrifugal pump which will produce a throw of up to 70m. The rain gun can be accurately directed and is powerful enough to be used for firefighting.

These tankers come in a variety of sizes ranging from 2250 Litres to the larger 9000 Litre unit.
With fleet utilisation being a major issue, our Quickspray dust suppression unit (which can be manufactured for either a loading shovel or a telehandler forklift) is likely to be of interest to cost conscious site managers. Not only does this product produce accurate and effective dust suppression, it also helps to ensure that your existing equipment fleet is used to its full capacity.
The difficult problem of airborne dust can be solved by using units from the extensive range of Dustfighter electric fan based misting machines. The fine droplets of water reduce the particles of airborne dust and return them to the ground before they become a problem. Dustfighters range from the small pedestrian controlled Smart machines to the large self-contained mobile versions DF 7500 MPT complete with integral 22KVA generator and 2000 Litre water tank. These popular machines have been developed and tested by Ace plant to deal with most site airborne dust problems.

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