A total lubrication solution for off-highway vehicle maintenance.

Off-highway fleet owners have a clear choice where lubrication is concerned: automate the process to maximise efficiency or choose a manual system that offers flexibility, power and high performance. SKF Lincoln can help on both counts with its Quicklub P203 automatic grease pump and distribution system and PowerLuber family of power assisted manual grease guns.

For machines with multiple lubrication points an automated lubrication system such as Quicklub delivers precisely metered quantities of oil or grease, fully automatically, to as many as 250 separate lube points, boosting lubrication efficiency while minimising waste.

And if automated lubrication is not practicable, a powerful manual alternative is provided by the PowerLuber range of grease guns. Offering the widest choice in terms of pressure and volume, these field proven tools are available in battery, mains and air powered versions, ergonomically designed to minimise operator fatigue and maximise productivity.

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