Ace Plant launch Bunded Bundie Store

Late 2018/early 2019 saw the launch of the new Ace Plant Bunded Bundie Store – a fully bunded, lockable and safe method of storing 1000L IBC’s. Ace Plant (home of the Bundie Bowser) launched this product as a method of reducing the risk of spillage, theft and contamination of liquids from plastic IBC’s on site.

Whilst similar units in the market place have a sump or drip tray the Bundie Store is fully bunded so if the 1000L IBC was to leak, the bund would hold all the liquid in one safe place without overflowing. This makes this unit incredibly beneficial to the environment, especially if the IBC is storing an environmentally harmful substance such as AdBlue.

If AdBlue is being stored in the IBC for example, this is a liquid that must be free from contamination and kept out of direct sunlight to avoid crystallisation. The Bunded Bundie Store fully encapsulates the IBC; protecting it from airborne dust/debris as well as long exposure to direct sunlight and UV.

Complete with fork pockets & safety pins as well as lifting eyes the unit can be safely transported and relocated site to site.

The Bunded Bundie Store is manufactured from 4mm thick steel which increases the durability and life of the unit itself.

With fully opening doors and lid this not only enables ease of access for the user but also enables the IBC to be easily positioned (or removed) using a forklift or telehandler.

Recent developments of the Bunded Bundie Store have resulted in the design and manufacture of a similar unit but instead of fork pockets the store can be lifted using a loading shovel bucket (similar to that of the Ace Plant Bucket Bundie Fuel Bowser)

As you can see from the images of this unit – it can also be used for smaller 20L containers, tools and other small items that need to be kept safe on site.


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