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Recommended good practice for the storage of AdBlue is as follows:

  • Ensure containers, pipework and dispensing equipment is suitable for use with urea.• A secondary containment for the container and ancillary equipment is in place (i.e. bund or sump).
  • The dispensing area drainage is isolated from surface water drains.
  • A trigger nozzle with an auto shutoff should be used to dispense AdBlue. Ensuring the nozzle cannot be left in the open position.
  • Appropriate emergency equipment should be in place to deal with any level of spills, for example proprietary spill kits, drain mats, pipe blockers, or permanent valves on drainage systems to provide containment.
  • An emergency plan and suitable training for dealing with spillages or other accidents is in place.

Ideally AdBlue should be stored between 0 and 30°C, and protected from direct sunlight. It should be properly sealed when it is not being used and free from contamination.

Below are some of the AdBlue storage options available from Ace Plant. These options provide safe storage, transportation & handling to ensure good practice from both a health and safety and environmental viewpoint.

IBC Storage Solution
The Ace Plant Bundie Store (IBC Storage System) is an innovative method of storing 1000L IBC’s. The Bundie Store is complete with two fully opening, lockable front doors for ease of access and high security. Using a forklift, the plastic IBC can be loaded inside the Bundie Store, which is fitted with fork pockets enabling the unit to be easily moved and re-sited. 

The fully enclosed Bundie Store also ensures the liquid is out of direct sunlight, poor weather conditions and dust, helping prevent crystallisation and contamination of the liquid.

Complete with an internal sump, the solution assists in preventing the liquid coming into contact with the ground in the event of a spillage or leak. The lockable store also prevents the IBC from being tampered with or vandalised.

Trailed Storage and Handling Solution
Another method of storing AdBlue is inside the easily portable site-tow AdBlue Bundie Bowser.

The unit is fully bunded and complete with either its own hand pump or a 12v electric delivery pump, hose and auto-stop nozzle. This provides safe storage of the liquid whilst enabling the Bowser to be completely self-sufficient.

As with the Bundie Store, the access lid of the AdBlue Bundie Bowser can be locked, making the unit secure and sealing the liquid inside the tank from the elements, minimising the risk of contamination. The bowser can also be fitted with either a plastic or stainless-steel tank both of which comply with good practice directions for storage.

Combined Diesel/AdBlue Storage and Handling Solution
Available in either static, bucket, site-tow or road tow, Ace Plant have also incorporated AdBlue tanks into their already existing fleet of Bunded Fuel Storage systems.

The static Bunded Fuel and AdBlue Bowser combination (above) has a capacity of 1000L of Diesel and 200L of AdBlue. 
The larger tandem axle site-tow Bunded Fuel and AdBlue Bowser combination (left) has a capacity of 7000L of Diesel and 3000L of AdBlue. Other sizes and combinations are available to suit site requirements.

Trailed units offer the additional advantage of greater flexibility onsite, helping to reduce the down time of mobile plant requiring AdBlue by providing a mobile filling point.

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