Additional Loading Facility to meet client’s increased demand…

Another turnkey out loading installation nears completion. SN Engineering were commissioned to add a 2nd tanker out loading facility required due to the significant increase in demand.

Due, mainly to site constraints, the additional loading facility had to be fed from clients existing silos. The final design catered for an additional outlet from client’s silo and via a flow control valve & large diameter screw the product is then fed back down the site via c 15m airslide to a new out loading structure. Loading is via SN Engineering's latest incarnation of its ever popular SN7000 series of loading bellows, the SN7001.

Dust free loading of the tankers is assured with the airslide & Outloader® being vented back to one of SNE’s RJCompact series of high efficiency dust plants. Within the supply was a dedicated airslide blower & new, upsized, Aerzen silo aeration blower & associated pipework to ensure good & constant material flow. Tanker access is via a manual, lockable drop-down stair assembly c/w oversized perimeter safety hand railing to ensure operatives have a easy & safe access whilst working on the tanker top.

Our in house engineering department, utilizing the latest in 2 & 3D engineering software, ensure all projects are thoroughly evaluated and comply with best practice initiatives & full compliance with current UK safety & environmental standards.

The new tower was finished with contrasting cladding, including translucent sheets for natural light.

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  • SN Engineering, a leading UK manufacturer of Dry Bulk Material Handling Equipment, offer in-house design, manufacture & supply of a wide range of Bulk Storage Silos & solutions; Dust Filtration units & systems; Screw conveyor...