Allamanno invest in a Liebherr wheel loader and crawler excavator

  • L 538 Wheel Loader: Convincing safety, reliability and performance
  • R 922 G8 Crawler Excavator: Quality and performance are crucial
  • LIKUFIX: standard at Allamanno for a long time now

Allamanno has recently purchased an L 538 wheel loader and an R 922 crawler excavator. The machines meet all the customer's safety and quality requirements. In the future, they will work both in urban environments and in the preparation of ski slopes at higher altitudes.

In addition to its performance and reliability, the Liebherr L 538 Allamanno wheel loader also impressed with its safety concept - a very important point for both partners. The L 538 is equipped with an active assistance system for detecting people, a solution developed by Liebherr which is fully integrated into the machine control system. It is designed to optimise the safety and comfort of the machine operator by reporting the presence of people behind the machine through audible signals and on-screen warnings. Active personnel detection can distinguish between people and objects using the latest camera technology, so that unnecessary warning signals are avoided. This reduces the driver's workload and lowers the risk of accidents: on construction sites in the city, where many people are on the move, as well as in the mountains, where visibility is not always good due to the terrain.

The R 922 G8: Versatility and productivity with the LIKUFIX hydraulic coupling system

The R 922 G8 has recently become part of Allamanno's machine fleet. Liebherr’s Generation 8 crawler excavators are characterised by high tractive and digging forces as well as increased performance, which is achieved by a powerful exhaust Stage V engine. An LED lighting system ensures additional safety. At Allamanno, they particularly appreciate the comfort and reliability of the R 922 G8, with almost 2,000 operating hours per year. It is manoeuvrable and fast and can be used for numerous classic earthworks, for example for preparing slopes before the winter season.

The new R 922, like all of Allamanno’s excavators, is fitted with a LIKUFIX hydraulic quick coupling systems which maximises the productivity of the excavator. The operator can change mechanical and hydraulic tools easily, quickly and safely from the cab. Earthmoving and trenching buckets complete the range of equipment on the R 922 G8 for the various construction sites.

A solid and close partnership

“The cooperation with Liebherr extends to concrete mixers and mobile cranes. In our collaboration with several business units of the group, we can speak of a true partnership,” confirms Aymeric Cuvelier, who is responsible for machine equipment at Allamanno. This partnership is based on shared values as well as a close relationship with a personal togetherness. “It is very important to have real contacts on the phone,” notes Aymeric Cuvelier. Equally important for Allamanno is the French or European origin of Liebherr products.

The Liebherr brand also enjoys a very good reputation for the quality and responsiveness of its after-sales service. Its efficient organisation is fully confirmed by Allamanno: “The customer service - both from Liebherr and Ets PIC - is very well organised, competent and responsive. The machines are also thoughtfully designed, especially for our mountain applications.”

Associated Businesses

  • Liebherr-Great Britain Limited and Liebherr-Ireland are subsidiaries of Liebherr-International AG, providing national sales and after-sales product support for the Group's complete range of construction equipment throughout the UK and ...