Altrad upgrades its fleet with two brand new MULTILIFT Ultima 21Z

Leading providers in industrial services, Altrad, have recently upgraded their 73 strong fleet with two brand new Hiab MULTILIFT Ultima 21Z Hookloaders.

Safety was front of mind when investing in their fleet, with Mark Walker, Transport Compliance Manager at Altrad, saying: “Our main reason for upgrading to these new vehicles was for the health and safety advantages these new hookloaders bring.”

The Ultima 21Z is built with the operator in mind and boasts a range of features for multiple applications. One of the key benefits of the 21Z is its modular design. The hookloaders have the ability to slide and tilt rather than just tilt allowing the Z model to reduce the loading angle of the body. This improves the safety of the load as it is loaded onto the vehicle.

The 21Z can also easily be adapted to a wide range of container sizes and types and the advanced load securing system ensures containers are securely fastened during transport, minimising the risk of accidents, and increasing safety for operators.  

Reflecting on their existing fleet, Mark explained: “We were previously using the older Hiab cable lifters, but upgrading to the new Ultima’s enhances safety and is also much cleaner for our team to operate, it was a no-brainer for us to upgrade.

“Now our drivers can stay in their cabs and just hop out to strap the scaffolding to the bed, removing any potential risks entirely with these new hookloaders, which may have previously arisen.”

Dek Butler, MULTILIFT Product Specialist at Hiab, added: “It’s been a pleasure to help Mark and his team upgrade their fleet with two of our Ultima 21Z Hookloaders. It’s great to hear Mark and the team are already benefitting from the specialist equipment that is available in this special Z model, which is capable of sliding and tilting, improving the load handling capabilities and increasing safety.

“We’re confident that our hookloaders will continue to serve Altrad’s business for its current and future needs.”

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