An ideal solution for combatting plant and attachment theft

Cheshire based ECY Haulmark Limited have been supplying equipment to the demolition, plant hire and recycling industries since 1962 and In more recent times hydraulic attachments and fully automatic quick couplers for excavators. 

After speaking with their regular customers Managing Director Richard Yarwood and his sales team became increasingly aware that plant and attachment theft from work sites was sadly being reported as daily occurrence. With this in mind the ECY Haulmark team set about sourcing a tracking solution, which could be discreetly bolted or stuck to their hydraulic attachments and offered as an optional extra when a customer was placing an new order.  

After trailing Trackit247 on their own rental attachments ECY Haulmark were convinced this was the ideal, low cost solution for tracking hydraulic attachments, making their official product launch when they exhibited at the Demo Expo in July 2019 held at the Hertfordshire County showground.

Trackit247 provides innovative real time, low cost live GPS tracking solutions for commercial organisations. The devices are small powerful mini live GPS tracking units to track plant and equipment. With the GPS tracking devices you can track live via your mobile phone or tablet as long as you can connect to the internet. The new control panel allows you to use the full functionality of the panel from the iPad and any tablets that have a large enough screen to support the panel. To use an Android phone or iPhone you will be required to use a free to download apps.

You can also track from your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android smart phone and any other internet capable device. This feature is included within the tracking solution at no extra cost.

The devices, once fitted to equipment provide global connectivity to any asset, both powered and non-powered equipment and primarily designed for heavy industries.

The Trackit247 Ti-TG7 & Ti-TG9 have been specifically designed for long term tracking and monitoring of assets and equipment. The trackers offer either a three or five year battery life, based on two positions per day. As the casing is robust this makes them suitable for all industrial environments such as demolition and construction sites and recycling and processing environments.

Trackit247 devices work straight out of the box, they are simple, functional & affordable. Simply switch on your tracker, login on your computer or mobile phone and you can track your device immediately.

ECY Haulmark are an appointed dealer for Trackit247 ultra long life tracking solutions, affording you piece of mind once you have made significant investment in new attachments or plant.


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