Baioni provide successful fully automated sand and aggregates washing plant.

The Italian washing, crushing and screening plant manufacturer Baioni has been delivering various aggregate washing systems to private quarry contractors worldwide. The growing demand for washed aggregates requires the careful management of water and reclamation of silts. Baioni is well-equipped to provide for this with its latest generation thickeners, polyelectrolyte dosing systems, horizontal spiral decanting centrifuges, Pod systems and filter press.

Recently in Cuba, Baioni has successfully delivered to the Caribbean island a fourth aggregate washing plant for the treatment and recovery of sand. The plant features a BaiWash system, and a GRF hydrocyclone fines recovery unit that eliminates undesirable elements through washing clays and fine harmful particles smaller than 63µm and a filter press. The plant also creates different grades and sizes of sand particles, allowing for more bespoke final products.

For the production on demand of high-performance concrete sand from crushed sand by local construction companies, Baioni’s BaiWash system includes thickeners able to offer efficient primary stage water treatment, and all anciallary tools:

  • The system’s steel tank is demountable from a trailer, allowing for easy transport.
  • BaiWash comes with six rakes supplied as standard, along with a dynamic hydraulic bridge and full walkway access, for when judging water level is particularly crucial. The rakes can be rotated along the floor of the BaiWash discharge cone tank. This generates a high quality sludge while avoiding any clogging.
  • The BaiWash system is easily managed via its computer software. Through it you can control the flocculants dosing device, the evacuation of solids and all other services.
  • BaiWash can be remotely controlled via internet or another network. The complete system is also easier to move, as its modular-bolted sections ensure reduced installation time when the tank has to be moved from site.

The full crushing and screening plant for a production of aprox. 150 t/h incorporates a very efficient water management system that recycles a huge percentage of water in closed circuit and only uses a minimal top-up to compensate for moisture leaving the system within the materials that are produced.