Baioni to launch new CentriPod centrifuge system

Italian company Baioni has designed and delivered to an Italian recycling site owner a fully containerised washing plant, designed for maximum efficiency in its 50tonnes/hour production.

The plant handles many stages of production: scrubbing, screening; washing; sand recovery; water clarification; sludge treatment – dehydration. It features washing drums and cyclones for sand recovery, the BaiWash system which includes thickeners able to offer efficient primary stage water treatment, and a CentriPod mechanical centrifuging system.

The BaiWash system for the customer in question has two steel tanks having each a long screw placed at the botton that extract the concentrated sludge and send to next step, which is sludge dehydration. Efficient system that generates a high quality sludge while avoiding any clogging.

The BaiWash system is easily managed via its computer software. Through it you can control the flocculants dosing device, the evacuation of solids and all other services. BaiWash can also be remotely controlled via internet or LAN network. The complete system is also easier to move, as its modular-bolted sections ensure reduced installation time when the tank has to be moved from site.

The final stage in reducing the volume of water is dewatering the slurry by means of a decanting centrifuge. While the water used for the washing is totally reused, thickened sludge is extracted from the bottom discharge of the tanks and is sent to the centrifuging step. To limit the cost of disposal of thickened sludge or limit the amount of material to bring to landfill, it is necessary to separate the excess of water in the same sludge, making the latter drier. The mechanical centrifuging method developed by Baioni – the CentriPod system - uses a decanter centrifuge.

Designed to require minimal maintenance, the CentriPod system is housed within two standard size 6.1 metre ISO containers in a stacked arrangement and can be shipped on any commercial truck. Baioni has delivered three units over the last two years to the company Barhale (UK). The system is pre-assembled in its own fabricated cradle and can be located to suit application. The CentriPod system’s pump is a well-known industry standard Warman centrifugal type.

A new PLC (programmable logic controller) designed by Baioni for the CentriPod includes a 38cm touch-screen control with full graphic display, allowing complete visual control of centrifuge speed, flow of feed and polymer pump, with a new closed loop control enabling a continuous feed of the polymer from zero to 2.000 litre/hour. The PLC comes with a web cam connection to inspect different areas of the CentriPod, allowing users to act on any problems at the earliest opportunity.