Biffa Waste Services making a clean sweep at West Sussex treatment facility

Biffa – the UK’s leading integrated waste management company – is achieving outstanding results at its waste services’ treatment facility in Horsham, West Sussex, thanks to the CDEnviro road sweepings recycling system it has installed.

The recycling solution consists of a range of products from CDEnviro, including a HYDRO:GRADE system and HYDRO:FLO water treatment system.

Although originally purchased in order to process 50,000 tonnes per annum (TPA) of street cleansing residues, the processing solution is now used for multiple waste streams, including residual material from locally based material recycling facilities (MRFs).

The systems screen and scrub material to ensure effective removal of contaminants and oversized matter, and maximise recycled water. CO:FLO – the advanced liquid/solid separation module – is a multi-stage chemical dosing system which ensures water quality that is unparalleled in the solid waste recycling industry.

Mr Mark Harley, National Development Manager at Biffa, said: “We trialled numerous residual materials from MRFs through the CDEnviro system and the results are extraordinary in comparison to our previous traditional approach. A fantastic aggregate product is generated, ready to supply to the market, giving our clients a true circular economy solution.”

The system produces three final products ready for re-use; two aggregate and one sand. The aggregate product is used on the site for land drainage. Biffa is working to achieve end of waste status for the recovered sand product, resulting in unlimited possibilities for re-use.

The Road Sweepings Recycling system at the West Sussex site is the first time Biffa has invested in a wet processing solution. Mr Harley confirmed: “CDEnviro brought a new, innovative approach to our processing of waste. The new solution effectively screens, classifies and dewaters our waste streams allowing us to divert 99% of road sweepings material from landfill. The effective recovery and re-use of materials from this solution ensures we are providing the most creative and sustainable waste management service in the UK.”

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