BLUE Group are appointed as the UK exclusive TAURUS dealer

Established in 1964 by Seniors Giovanni Colombo and Dino Giuliani, and located in Daverio, Northern Italy, C.E G. Srl is the driving force behind the TAURUS shear baler, shredder and pre-shredder range of machines for the recycling industry. They recently invited a select group of international press to join them at their manufacturing facility to take a detailed look at their manufacturing philosophies and technology that BLUE Group are now exclusively representing across the UK.

The visit began with a tour of C.E G.’s sister company Vanoli. This facility manufactures and supplies the main C.E G production site with all the major high quality components that make up the various machines. This is a high-quality manufacturing facility with highly skilled technicians with years of experience, and has the latest in cutting, bending and welding technology. High specification steel from preferred partners is used in the manufacturing process, as well as a substantial amount of specialist Hardox toughened steel from SSAB in Sweden, making the machines extremely strong.

We then moved onto the main C.E G. production site where we met with Gualtiero Rudella, CEO who explained a little more about C.E G. and TAURUS. “We have spent a lot of time and effort in looking for a new UK dealer, and initially met Blue at the RWM 2 years ago. Since then we have cemented a great working relationship and know that Blue Group have the key high levels of sales, service and support that we need to continue the success within the UK marketplace. To date we’ve sold 75 machines within the UK and more than 700 globally through our dealer network.”

“At this facility here in Daverio we carry out the final assembly for all shear baler, shredder and pre-shredder machines, and this includes the final work for our patented ‘swinging wings’ system on our shear balers. All of our range is built on a bespoke basis from scratch for each client and lead time from order confirmation is currently around 4 months. We will be investing further in our facilities and streamlining our processes to bring this closer to 3 months in the future. We are unique compared to our competition in that we manufacture everything from the large hardened steel components right through to the complex hydraulic systems, meaning we have full quality control during the manufacturing process.”

Gualtiero Rudella further commented, “We have also recently added a Customer Care Manager, who is responsible for support, maintenance and final quality testing. The machine is only ready and available for dispatch once he signs it off and is satisfied with the quality of all components and systems on the machine. One thing that we are very proud of is the life-span of our machines, the average being around 18 years, but we still have some that have been working for over 30 years. This is testament to the build quality and expertise involved in the production process.”

We were then given a full production facility tour where we could get close to the machines. The shear baler range starts at 500 tonnes and goes right up to 2,000 tonnes, all using the same features and benefits. They have a continuous metal base frame, which means that no expensive foundations are needed and TAURUS shear balers are typically heavier than the competitors using thicker 40 – 50mm sheets of Hardox wear plate in the manufacturing process with extra re-enforcement at critical points of the shear. A rotary encoder on the shear wings precisely monitors the position of each wing to within a millimetre. By reducing the hydraulic pressure in the wing cylinders just before the end of their stroke, vibrations are significantly reduced. Other manufacturers use positioning rods inside the wing cylinders which are not as accurate and prone to wear and tear.

TAURUS use twin hydraulic cylinders on the shear head giving a more even cutting force and less wear and tear on the shear guides. Specially designed polymer shear head guides on the movable blade holder absorb small particles reducing wear and tear on the blade guides. Shear head guides and most wear liners are bolt on for easy servicing and replacement. The shears feature laser positioning, which is more reliable that traditional proximity switches and also improves efficiency as the clamp and shear only return as far as is needed and not all the way up, saving time and energy.

The compression box lengths are 6.1m, 7.2m or 8.3m and feature a honeycomb design for added strength. TAURUS include over stroke compaction on both wings, which is a unique TAURUS patented advantage. By over compacting the scrap before shearing a denser end-product is created, causing less wear and tear in the compression box.

Swinging Wings System
The ‘swinging wings’ compression system found on all TAURUS shear and baler models is the accumulation of more than 50 years of experience building over 700 shears and balers world-wide as well as an inherent continuous refinement philosophy within the C&G group. The TAURUS “two wing” compression system incorporates the following features: over stroke found on both compression wings, an all-new wing geometry, increased lever arms, optimal positioning of the cylinders.

The combination of these features result in reduced scrap preparation times, denser scrap and an optimal use of the “curved” transmission forces. Both the internal and external surfaces of the swinging wings which come in to direct contact with the scrap, are constructed of highly wear resistant Hardox steel with a class leading thickness of between 40mm and 50mm integrated into the wing structure itself. Coating both the inside and outside of the wings with Hardox steel, combined with the internal honeycomb structure of the wings, provides them with the necessary flexibility to guarantee an elastic return after twisting from high load stresses. This elasticity prevents permanent deformation and twisting damage from the high stresses involved in compressing scrap metal.

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