CDE to commission the latest C&D waste recycling plant in the UK

CDE, a leading supplier of sand and aggregate wet processing solutions for the waste recycling and natural processing sectors, is to commission its largest waste recycling plant in the UK for Peel NRE, part of regeneration business Peel L&P.

Working to support the UK economy to achieve net zero by 2050, Peel NRE specialises in renewable energy, waste-to-value projects, water and materials management, and more.

Its investment in a new construction and demolition (C&D) waste recycling plant, designed and engineered by wet processing industry experts CDE, is the latest step in its commitment to combatting climate change and its impacts.

Peel NRE has created a new business, NRE Aggregates, which will operate the plant to produce high-quality recycled construction products.

With the capacity to produce up to 240,000 tonnes of secondary raw materials per year, the plant will be commissioned at Port Salford in Eccles, Greater Manchester, the site of a proposed tri-modal freight facility and distribution park on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal.

When operational the waste recycling plant will process C&D waste to produce in-spec recycled sand and aggregate products which will support the sustainable development of Peel L&P projects, including Port Salford and other developments across Greater Manchester.

Investment in the CDE solution represents Peel NRE’s first venture into the wet processing of materials and the next chapter for the new natural resources and energy business.

CDE business development manager Mike Bibby says the project will provide the North West of England with a valuable asset to strengthen the circular economy.

“Our purpose at CDE is to create our best world, a ton at a time and for Peel L&P it is to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for all. To that end, our two companies are both intently focused on building a greener tomorrow, so there is a lot of synergy underlying the partnership.

“This is a transformational project, and when our CDE solution is operational it will support the continued development of a circular economy in the North West and facilitate sustainable construction in Greater Manchester and beyond for many years to come.”

Investing in the latest technologies to recycle valuable construction products for its own projects is part of Peel NRE’s contribution to a circular economy, adds Kieran Tames, director of development for Peel NRE.

“This equipment will turn construction and demolition waste, one of the country’s biggest waste streams, into materials which will be used to build a multi-modal freight facility and distribution park at Port Salford and other construction sites across Greater Manchester. It contributes to a circular economy and will be capable of recycling up to 240,000 tonnes per year of construction waste.”

The £138 million Port Salford development, led by Peel L&P in partnership with Salford City Council, will be the UK’s first inland tri-modal port to be served by ship, rail and road. The port facility and distribution hub will build supply chain resilience for businesses throughout the North West.

“Enabled by CDE’s expertise in this space, we will be equipped with the technology to transform yesterday’s waste into tomorrow’s opportunities for a more sustainable and prosperous future for all,” Kieran concludes.

Peel NRE’s C&D waste recycling plant is expected to be commissioned later this autumn.

Kieran Tames and other representatives of Peel NRE join CDE at this year’s Hillhead to share insights into the development of the project and how CDE wet processing technology is being applied by leading organisations globally and in the UK to divert waste from landfill and extract value.

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