CEMEX Germany invests in solar energy

Photovoltaic panels have been installed on the premises of the CEMEX Germany concrete plant in Velten, which belongs to the area of Greater Berlin. The commissioning of the installation took place at the end of October. CEMEX is announcing more similar investments, which are in line with the company's ambitious climate goals and Future in Action strategy...

Nearly 65 m2 of photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 13 kWh have been installed on the roof at the CEMEX concrete plant located in north of Berlin. It is estimated that the panels will cover around 10 % of annual electricity the plant's energy needs.

This is another such installation in Germany, which demonstrates  CEMEX’s commitment to its Future in Action decarbonisation strategy. The company has been promoting sustainable solar energy for a long time: gravel works in Hohenmin north of Neubrandenburg and Sophienhof near Neustrelitz are sites of photovoltaic farms.

In addition, since October 2022, CEMEX Kies & Splitt GmbH has been generating sustainable solar power on its gravel lake in Immelborn with a capacity of 750 kWh and is planning further floating systems in the Parey and Rogätz gravel works and in additional RMX plants all over Germany. 

The company has developed a model to assess the efficiency of photovoltaic installations, taking into account the location and technical conditions of individual plants.

"CEMEX is actively addressing the climate challenge. The key to realizing ambitious intentions is the search for more sustainable technologies, construction solutions and implementation of new, lower emission products," says Ruediger Kuhn, VP Materials Central Europe CEMEX, Chairman of the Board of CEMEX Germany. "The photovoltaic technology is another investment by CEMEX in Germany in renewable energy sources and it fits into the global strategy Future in Action which aims among other things to offer customers worldwide exclusively CO2 neutral concrete from 2050." added R. Kuhn.


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