Cemex launches Sustainable Construction Academy

Cemex UK is launching its Sustainable Construction Academy via its Cemex University learning and development platform helping to develop future talent across the industry. The aim of this new learning programme is to increase knowledge and understanding across the building and construction sectors of how lower carbon materials and products can support the sustainability requirements of a wide range of building and construction projects...

This will be the very first time that the Cemex University platform has invited an external audience to participate in its learning programmes. The Sustainable Construction Academy utilises the significant knowledge and expertise Cemex has of producing construction materials with more sustainable attributes. These include products from across its Vertua range that demonstrate either a lower carbon embodiment, the use of recycled materials, improved thermal efficiency or increased water conservation and design optimisation.

Its free to register via https://cemexuniversity.com/Course/SustainableConstructionAcademy and, as well as gaining a valuable insight into the sustainability benefits that can be achieved through the use of more sustainable materials and products, participants will also receive a digital certificate upon completion.

The learning programme is aimed at architects, specifiers, engineers, design consultants, project managers and others from across the industry who wish to learn more about how lower carbon building materials can provide significant sustainability benefits for construction projects when incorporated into the design phase at the very outset.

Mike Higgins, National Technical Manager at Cemex, explains that, “The Sustainable Construction Academy is an exciting new learning and development platform that will provide the wider industry with a better understanding of how innovative and more sustainable concrete solutions can help enhance project value and support environmental certification goals.”

It provides a wealth of knowledge around concrete with sustainable attributes, the potential of its capabilities, integration from the design stage through construction, and how these solutions can help increase the possibility of earning points in BREEAM (the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) certifications.”

Cemex University is Cemex’s award-winning learning and development platform for its 40,000+ global workforce and aims to position learning as a high-impact catalyst for growth and transformation. It offers employees learning and development programmes aligned to the values and strategic priorities of the organisation, taking critical business capabilities and translating them into specific learning needs.

Aligned to Cemex’s wider ‘Future in Action’ programme, which aims to achieve net zero by 2050 through a combined approach to tackling climate change, the learning platform offers a number of courses for Cemex employees that increase skills and knowledge relating to more sustainable business practises.

This new offering will further strengthen Cemex’s commitment to skills development and knowledge-sharing across the wider industry within the area of how to incorporate lower-carbon construction materials into building and construction projects.

The industry-wide learning platform is an additional part of Cemex UK’s end-to-end portfolio of digital solutions for construction professionals and contractors from design, architecture and planning (BIM), purchasing, procurement and delivery (Cemex Go) through to senior engineers and project managers working on-site (Cemex i-Con).

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