Cemex UK R&D trials use of up to 100% recycled aggregates

Cemex UK has been trialling the use of existing pre-cast material in its concrete products, including solutions made of up to 100% recycled aggregates.

These trials are the latest example of building materials supplier Cemex’s creative and dynamic efforts to reach its 2050 goal of operating as a net zero company globally, in line with its Future in Action strategy.

The trials, conducted in partnership with UK based Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) and First Graphene at Cemex’s National Technical Centre in the West Midlands have utilised various unique production processes which optimise the incorporation of recycled materials.

Following the success of initial testing, MTC and Cemex will now look to expand further into larger scale trials.

Cemex understands that contributing to a circular economy is vital if net zero is to be achieved, which is why it has made circularity one of the key pillars of its climate action strategy.

Mike Higgins, National Technical Manager for UK Research & Development, commented: “Reusing recycled products in our materials where possible not only reduces waste, it helps to replenish our aggregates reserves and protects our business into the long-term.

“At our UK R&D facility we are focused on pursuing innovation to increase the sustainability of our operations, and are always keen to work with partners such as MTC and First Graphene. We believe there is a significant opportunity to incorporate recycled materials into our products and provide our customers with a solution for reducing the carbon footprint of their projects.”

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