CK International balers partner with Blue Group in the UK

Day four in Co. Tyrone and we visited CK International in Dungannon. This successful baling machinery manufacturer began business in 1996 and over the past 10yrs has been supplying baling solutions to a huge selection of recycling companies, both big and small. With their machines evolving into industry leading designs they are now a global market leader producing fully automatic baling machines that can process up to 40 tonne per hour

We met with Raymond O’Hagan, Product Specialist and Mark Doherty, Head of Sales. Raymond started by giving us an in-sight into the business “Our focus on product development and innovation are the two things that have made us market leaders in the industry and our commitment to our staff runs in tandem with that. We have grown with our people who are extremely important to us and we place a lot of emphasis on training and development. We have a strong track record of developing graduates who have progressed through the organisation to take on key roles and help drive the business forward. We have increased the workforce on-site here in Dungannon by 10% in the last 12 months and continue to grow our UK base of field service engineers. These engineers are  based strategically across the UK, all have mobile workshop vehicles and are fully trained across our whole range of balers to provide extremely high-quality servicing.”

Mark Doherty commented “As a company we have seen significant growth over the last number of years and we have ambitious plans to continue to grow both the UK and international sides of the business. Our product range consists of vertical balers, horizontal balers, semi-automatic balers, channel press balers, twin ram fully automatic balers and compactors, and it’s the twin ram fully automatic balers that are really gaining popularity in the recycling industry. Twin ram balers are typically used in waste transfer stations or as part of a larger recycling MRF system where high volumes of various waste materials including RDF, SRF, plastic, pet and cardboard are being processed and high throughputs up to 40 tonne per hour are achievable. Waste can be fed into the machines using conveyor, shovel feed or selector grab and a range of tying options is available. The fully automatic machines offer versatility, allowing an easy transfer between materials. The CK twin ram also produces a high density mill size bale, resulting in maximum payloads for our customers.

Blue Group become a CK International partner and dealer for the UK
Recently CK International have secured a long-term supply partnership with the Blue Group. This will see Blue acting as a UK dealer for CK International where they will sell the range of twin ram balers and channel press balers as part of all-encompassing turnkey recycling plants.

Raymond explained more “Blue know the waste recycling market very well indeed and with the CK portfolio supply of twin ram and channel press balers, we are able to offer the customer the best baling solution for their particular operation. We have invested time with Blue over the past few months on product training so that they are comfortable with the product and we will also be involved with our product specialists to ensure the customer’s get the best machine offering. We are looking forward very much to working with them.”

Blue Group Product Director Terry Hughes was keen to add “Blue Group has always taken great pride in partnering with high quality reliable brands to supply to the industries where we operate, and CK International fits seamlessly into Blue’s programme. With first class design standards, extremely high build quality, low operating costs and tremendous reliability, all backed up by a combination of the locally based aftercare teams from both Blue Group and CK, we are very proud to be able to represent the CK range of baling systems in the UK and look forward to playing a big part in expanding still further on the already successful CK story.”

Telematics and HMI controls for the twin ram fully automatic balers
CK have invested heavily in applying new technologies to their range of twin ram fully automatic balers. They are all HMI (Human Machine Interface) controlled which offers huge operating benefit and they have developed a complete telematics package for the machines that will allow important data to be delivered to the client on number of bales processed, power consumption, number of straps used, and amount of downtime. They are developing a system where all this data will be automatically shared with all operational staff associated with the site. CK can also log into any twin ram fully automatic machine remotely via the internet to see what’s happening at any time.

For more information on CK International and the range of twin ram fully automatic and channel press balers visit or call +44 (0) 28 8775 3966. To get in touch with Blue Group, the UK dealer please visit or call them on +44 (0) 1606 261262.

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